Flowers Preservation into Painting

Qing Flowers Forever uses traditional flowers-pressing technique to dry and press flowers. The dried and pressed flowers will be placed on a canvas. The background colors on the canvas will be painted per the customer's request and artist's recommendation before the dried flowers are placed on the canvas. Once the dried and pressed flowers are arranged on the canvas, the artist will paint all the flowers on the canvas to restore the original colors of flowers, which turns any flowers into a painting.

The one and only one disadvantage of preserving flowers into painting on canvas is that the shape of the flowers is changed. However the preserved flowers on the canvas could last forever since it is a painting.

As you could see from the following picture, there are two types of canvas used: traditional style canvas with a thickness of 0.75 inches (Right) and gallery-wrapped canvas of 1.5 inches. The traditional style canvas hangs with a frame, and gallery-wrapped canvas hangs with or without a frame.​

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